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Hi! I'm an experienced full-stack web and independent game developer who thrives on creating compelling digital experiences. As a freelancer, I spend most of my time developing web applications. I also work on games and desktop/mobile applications when the opportunity arises.

My tech stack includes Typescript, Python, and Rust. I'm currently studying deep neural networks. Regardless of the platform (AWS, Fly.io, Heroku, etc.), I handle my own deployments so that the products I develop are always performing at their best.

My goal is not to master a long list of frameworks and technologies, but to utilize them effectively to build tools, services, and games that offer great experiences.

My services:

  • Web development (marketing, CMS, APIs, dashboards)
  • Scripting (data processing, neural networks, automation)
  • Desktop applications (tooling, clients, automation)
  • Technical consultations

Projects & Clients

Software development
Project SailorWIP
Software development
Software development
Web design & development
Web design & development
Software development
Web design, development, and VFX
Software development


Bulb EnergyQ1 2019 - Q2 2020
Software engineer
MotorwayQ2 2017 - Q1 2019
Software engineer
SSKQ1 2013 - Q1 2017
Junior software engineer